“We have the POWER to test & diagnose faults precisely & fix problems more efficiently. Better still, we can provide you printed test results to prove it!”

Booking your vehicle in to be serviced at our technically advanced DYNO DYNAMICS DIAGNOSTIC POWER WORKSHOP gives you many advantages.

We test & diagnose problems with your vehicle by simulating driving conditions on and off road, at high and low speed, level road, up and down hills, without driving your vehicle out of our workshop! This enables our factory trained technicians to fix problems with your vehicle better, quicker, & more cost efficiently than ever before!

Better still, as a Dyno Dynamics Diagnostic Power Workshop, we can provide you with before & after computer printed “proof of repair”, and confirm that a problem with your vehicle has been rectified to your complete satisfaction!

We can accurately record and graph a host of engine parameters that are important for satisfactory performance, economy & reliability.

What we do:

Car Tuning & ECU Remapping (For more information on ECU's Click Here)
Here at Paramount Automotive Performance we offer not only the very latest in Ecu remapping & Ecu Tuning, but also supply a variety of aftermarket engine management systems.

We offer two ECU remapping softwares. Our workshop is the most fully equipped Kalmaker workshop in our region for remapping delco engine management systems. Also available is the latest Hp Tuner (VCM Suite) for both Holden's and Ford's.

We offer a range of aftermarket engine management systems. MOTECH, HALTECH, MICROTECH, AUTRONIC,& APEXI.

Economy Tuning
The team at paramount automotive performance not only tune engines for horsepower, but for economy as well. We offer a wide range of economy tuning on most makes and models to optimise the every day economy & drivability of your vehicle.

Diesel Tuning
Our workshop provides the latest in diesel tuning. We not only provide tuning for economy but also offer power upgrades.

Dyno FAQ:
Click here to read our Dyno Tuning FAQ Area


Dyno Dynamics Shootout Mode:

Here at Paramount Automotive Performance we strongly believe in “Testing not Guessing”. That is why we have one of the latest Dyno Dynamics Dynamometers.

Dyno Dynamics Dynamometers Facilitate the Testing and Diagnosing of:
• Electronic fuel injection
• Carburettors
• Ignition systems
• Diesel systems
• Fuel systems
• Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) / Propane
• Engines and Engine systems
• Computer mapping
• Turbochargers and Superchargers
• Drive lines
• Manual and Automatic transmissions
• Speedometers
• Cooling systems
• Vibrations
• Noises
• Routine road testing

Dyno manufacturers around the world claim that their dyno accurately measures power. After all, that’s what a dyno does . . . right? In fact the answer to that question is much more complicated than you might think.

The fact is, a (quality) dynamometer is fundamentally a diagnostic tool. So the accuracy of power measurement in an absolute sense is generally not critically important. As long as you can re-create the exact same test conditions (repeatedly) you are able to use the dyno to diagnose faults and tune an engine under load.

BUT (and this is a big but!) when an enthusiast (petrol head, gear head, rev head, if you prefer) wants to know how much power his pride and joy makes compared to other vehicles – it’s all about accuracy.

Dyno Dynamics, the manufacturer of Australia’s leading dynamometer brand, has for many years been considered the benchmark for both accuracy and repeatability. Now, after 4 years of effort (not to mention a substantial financial investment), we have just ‘upped the stakes’ - Dyno Dynamics has developed a system that is set to become the industry standard for power comparison. The system is called ShootOut, it is being utilised by a network of accredited Dyno Dynamics equipped workshops across Australia and will soon be available to our customers worldwide.

The ShootOut system is not just a hardware or software upgrade – it is a standardised approach to power measurement, designed to ensure that you can take your car to any accredited workshop and get accurate power measurements. The results will be the same regardless of which ShootOut accredited workshop you select.

Participating workshops send their mechanics to the Dyno Dynamics factory training facility where they are put through a comprehensive training program that covers every conceivable aspect of dyno-testing. Successful candidates receive individual accreditation as a Shootineer. The workshop proprietors sign an agreement that binds them to abide by a code of practice that ensures uniformity and guarantees integrity. A graph completed by a qualified Shootineer at an accredited ShootOut workshop will be repeatable across the whole network of Dyno Dynamics ShootOut accredited workshops

The basic components of the ShootOut system are:

Computer Software
When any of the available ShootOut modes is selected, the control system locks a number of software functions that a dyno operator can normally define or alter. This removes the potential for inadvertent errors due an incorrectly set test parameter. Variables such as atmospheric correction, ramp rate and drive train inertia are either, determined by the software - or the system prompts the operator to select from a number of pre-configured options.

Training and Accreditation
ShootOut accreditation involves a comprehensive training program to ensure that all operators are familiar with every conceivable aspect of testing - from theory of operation through to the importance of inlet air temperature measurement, fan positioning, correct vehicle restraint, traction and tyre pressures.

Ethical standards
All ShootOut workshops must abide by a code of practice. The principles that underpin the code of conduct ensure that customers are dealt with fairly and honestly. All testing must be conducted to Dyno Dynamics standards. If a workshop is found to breach the code of conduct they will be stripped of their accreditation. All ShootOut workshops sign an agreement that legally binds them to the code of practice.

Proof of integrity
1. All ShootOut graph runs must be supervised by an accredited ShootOut scrutineer.
2. When the Shootineer is confident that the run has been performed to Dyno Dynamics’ ShootOut standards, the approved ShootOut logo will be added to the graph.
3. Test conditions and other data is printed on the lower edge of the graph as further evidence of accuracy.
4. When the graph is printed, the Shootineer will apply the official ShootOut stamp and personally sign it.
5. As final proof, the customer is provided with a checklist to verify that all steps in vehicle preparation for the test have been carried out correctly.

Whether you are planning on attending a ‘head to head’ dyno day, or want your vehicle tested to verify the effects of a performance enhancement – A Dyno Dynamics ShootOut accredited workshop will determine the figures accurately, time after time, regardless of location.

If you would like to make a booking,  call our office on  (07) 4659 9711