Paramount Automotive Performance offers a range of forced induction services from sales and installation of superchargers and turbochargers, to expert advice and tuning options. We are experienced in many facets of forced induction, and come from the school of 'if your going to do it, then do it right'. Give Terry a call or drop in and have a chat about our many blower and turbo packages.

Below you will find a run down on some of the brands we use and recommend. If you have any questions for are chasing information on a certain product, either visit the manufacture's website or give us a call now!


With the latest generation of cars available, we were looking for some new way to significantly increase the power output of the engine without compromising drive ability and emissions. The bright idea is to use a supercharger on engine to maximise usable power.

We’re convinced that peak horsepower is only useful in advertising brochures, and nobody races those. What is really needed is to maximise horsepower and torque at each and every rpm point, from 1000 to 8000 rpm. This can only be done with a high efficiency supercharger.

We use & recommend both Vortech & Whipple superchargers.

Vortech superchargers operate on fundamental and proven turbomachinery principles, first described by Euler's turbomachinery equation developed in the 18th Century. This principle states that the work imparted to a fluid by an impeller is related to the change in angular momentum of the fluid. From these humble beginnings, the centrifugal compressor has evolved and found its way to becoming the most efficient and reliable means for delivering charge air at high pressures.

Vortech Superchargers available at Paramount Automotive NOW. Call  for more information.
With Whipple Superchargers extensive knowledge, technology and years of experience, Whipple developed an entirely new supercharger lineup that featured all of the latest technology in rotor profile, housing, rotor coating and bearing design to once again, revolutionize the twin-screw supercharger market. As the pioneer of the screw compressor market, Whipple’s dedication to innovative thinking, hard work, attention to detail and outstanding product performance has led to a better, American made product for the performance industry.

Whipple Superchargers available at Paramount Automotive NOW. Call  for more information.




Want to learn the basics of Turbochargers? Click here to download the Turbo Tech PDF!

Garrett is the world's leading pioneer of turbocharging technologies, providing engine boosting systems that can save fuel and reduce emissions while providing boost on demand.

Their thermal systems technologies meet the increasingly demanding heat transfer requirements of all customers. The focus is on providing high performance systems leading to increased fuel economy and overall value.

Garrett is where you want to be!! They have engineering teams on 5 continents that are continually developing the most up to date technology in the industry. And, with some of the most rigorous functional testing in the field you know you are buying the superior product!!

Why Choose Garrett??

It's simple.....
A Turbo is a high technology product that requires superior design and intensive capital to produce. It must meet the severe requirements that only a world class manufacturer like Garrett can achieve.

Garrett is one of the few turbo charging manufacturers that subjects the turbos to several On Engine qualification tests. These turbo charging “qual tests” ensure Garrett produces a safe and reliable turbo for On Engine applications. When you buy a Garrett turbo you can be sure it's a reliable one!!

A Garrett Turbo offers you the best value in terms of quality and competitive price. A quality commitment goes way beyond the manufacture of product. At Garrett, it has to do with the vary aspect of business life. Protect your investment today. You can relax, enjoy, and drive with confidence with the knowledge that your Garrett turbo is a reliable turbo.

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